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marathon du Canada

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Why compete in team relay?

  • Take a challenge on a distance difficult to skate in an individual race.
  • Create a source of motivation to practice a physical activity and rollerblade.
  • Train in a group and discover the parcs and bike paths in the region.
  • Take control of your health with inline skating and develop your cardiovascular activity, strength and endurance, gentle for your joints.
  • Join a charitable cause such as that of the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation.

Who can be part of a team?

  • Inline skaters who have their own inline skates and protections.
  • Good ice skaters who want to discover inline skating.
  • Skaters who can safely practice inline skating.
  • 3 to 6 participants per team.

Registration of a team to the Canada Roller Marathon

  • Team captain first creates the team. He registers the name of the represented company, association or group, the distance to skate, the name of the team, the name of each participant, their email address and donations collection target.
  • Each team member will receive an email with a link inviting him to register to the Canada Roller Marathon.
  • Once the registration paid, an email is sent to the participants to confirm their registration and receipt of payment.
  • Link to create a team 

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